How to Sing up for PLEX

What is Plex? 

A one-stop destination to stream movies, TV shows, and music, Plex is the most comprehensive entertainment platform available today. Available on almost any device, Plex is the first-and-only streaming platform to offer free ad-supported movies, shows, and live TV together with the ability to easily search—and add to your Watchlist—any title ever made, no matter which streaming service it lives on. Using the platform as their entertainment concierge, 17 million (and growing!) monthly active users count on Plex for new discoveries and recommendations from all their favorite streaming apps, personal media libraries, and beyond.

A Plex account is basically your personal identity for things associated with Plex. You use it to sign in to the website, the support forums, and Plex apps.

The Plex website will allow you to manage your Plex account. You can use the top menu bar on the website to sign in, sign up for a new account, or access account information if already signed in.

The main navigation bar at the top of the website

Sign Up for a New Plex Account

Click the Sign Up button in the menubar to bring you to a form where you can create a new Plex account. Or click the button below.

Sign up for a Plex account using Google, Facebook, Apple, or email address
  • Continue with Google: Sign up using your Google Account. A new window from Google will appear for confirmation.
  • Continue with Facebook: Sign up using your Facebook Account. A new window from Facebook will appear for confirmation.
  • Continue with Apple: Sign up using your Apple account. You will be redirected to Apple’s site for confirmation.
  • Directly with Email: Sign up using your email address and create a password. Be sure to double-check that you entered both correctly!

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Setting a Username

When an account is created a default username is created by taking half of the first part of the email address and appending numbers until it’s unique. If you wish to create a username you can do that on your account page. Link:  Plex Web App: Account page

  • Allowed characters: a-zA-Z0-9_.
  • Maximum length: 30 characters

Forgot Your Password?

If you’ve forgotten your password and need to have it reset, you can find a Forgot? link on email sign-in form.

Request a password reset be sent by submitting the email address of an active, valid Plex account

Enter your email address and submit the form. If the address matches an existing, active Plex account, an email will be sent that contains instructions on resetting the account password.

Plex Requests

Welcome to the Plex requests Info page. I set this page up because I’m not always in the know about the new TV show or New Movies that are coming out. Hopefully this will help in getting the TV shows and Movies set up in a more efficient time frame.

After clicking the link you may get a this site is not Secure Warning. Its because I have not set the SSL up yet. I will get it fixed as soon as I get time. in the the mean time you can got to advansed setting and continue anyway. The server is safe. 🙂

The steps to adding a request is simple.

In order to log in you will need your PLEX account: username and password.

Loging In:

Click the link below to get logged in or just to check the server statice.

The first thing you will see is the server statice. Currently Online or Currently Offline. This will let you know if the server is online or not.  If you are going to make a request, click on the blue Continue button.

You will see 2 links use the blue link Sign in with Plex Server1 Requests . Here you will enter your Plex Account information.

That was easy..

Making Request

Once inside the request system there is a search bar at the top enter the name of the TV show or the name of the Movie. Select the item you are looking for. It will tell you if it is on the plex serve already.

If it is not on the server already it will give you the opportunity to request, it.

Ok thats it enjoy.