Welcome to my site! This is my homepage, I’m just a normal hard working deplorable. I do not tolerate all the Anti fa / BLM shit going on so don’t bring it here. This is my house not yours. I make the rules here. Your crying about your bullshit will not change the anything here. You don’t have to be here there are many sites you can visit. So if you get offended easily this is probably not the place for you. Don’t go away mad just go away.

About This Site.

Basically I don’t know what you might find on here. It could be me ranting about something. Its possible it could be a project I’m working on. It could be anything I want. My guess it would be my thoughts and opinions that will not be censored by anyone simply because its my right. O and its my site and my hosting company. I don’t know if I will open this up to people to comment or not. At my age I don’t need validation for what I’m doing.. Yea that’s the asshole in me coming out, get used to it.

About Me

You might be aware of this but basically I’m an asshole. I work hard at it. I practice at it every day. I don’t like people in general. If you have been paying attention to life lately it will confirm my theory that you cant trust anyone and everyone is a lire. There are a few exemptions but for the most part its true. I like to be left alone. I ride my Harley every chance I get and if I could find a spot I liked in the desert far from people I would go in a second. I have a family that I will die for protecting. I don’t take shit from anyone. I wouldn’t recommend trying to find out..


So Confused.

I must admit that my entire life I have never cared about politics. It never seemed to affect me personally. Gas was always on the up tick along with everything else.  The programs that were out there to help people in bad situation never seemed to apply to my situation.  (Didn’t Qualify) I always just …


My info is at the bottom if you want contact me. Other wise I don’t spend a lot of time here. I’m over on the site I share with Barbra about our traveling adventures. Come on over to see what we are up to and where we are at the moment.