So Confused.

I must admit that my entire life I have never cared about politics. It never seemed to affect me personally. Gas was always on the up tick along with everything else.  The programs that were out there to help people in bad situation never seemed to apply to my situation.  (Didn’t Qualify) I always just put my boots on and went out and did the best I could do to get by. Well things have changed. I look at the government a bit differently now seeing that I’ve been around for about minute.  I’m very confused as to how we as a country have gotten to this level of insanity.  It was always my understanding that the government of the good old USA worked for the people of the USA. Something has changed. Our government doesn’t seem to be working for the people any longer. In fact, they all seem to be working for themselves or some other entity that seeks to destroy the USA.  Making backdoor deals that put monies in their pockets and taking away from the people.  This just baffles me to know end. We are the United States of America. We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world.  Currently, I do not see anything that shows me we are United in any way shape or form. It Seems to me that everyone is all about themselves and how to take care of their needs and feelings. I understand that there needs to be compromise to some issues that arise and some may need to do some things they may not agree with. That’s life we don’t always get what we want out of it. Anyone that’s has been around for a wile know this.  I don’t understand how the so-called government is getting away with the actions that are taking place. We the people are there employer Right?? If I had employees that constantly are doing things to hurt the company, I would simply fire them.  Why can’t we do just that?  Instead, there are hearings to get to the bottom of it and then Crickets …………….No accountability. No one goes to jail .. No one is Let go. No one is held responsible for there actions. How can this be?  If worked for a company and sold off secrets to the competitor I would go to jail and be sued by the company. So how is it that this hasn’t happened. It’s called treason and is punishable by the Law. I’m not taking sides I’m simply saying that hearings do absolutely nothing. It’s a waste of time and monies.  Look I’m just and old man and don’t know much about how the government works but I have an idea.. I would like to put a law together that would ensure that these kind shenanigans never happen again. I’m thinking someone out there could right it up.

We the people need a law that if a person or persons representing THE HOUSE, THE SENIT, or THE WHITE HOUSE engage in any sort of backroom deals, takes bribes, conspires to dismantle or to destroy the United States of America in any way shall be removed from office immediately and charged with treason. They shall receive the maxim allowed sentence for there crimes. This administration has broken federal laws many times over and nothing has been done about it.

This must stop!! The United States is on the brink of WAR with more than one country. According to Vladimir Putin He Is a WAR with the USA in Ukraine.  China Wants Taiwan but must go to war with USA to get Taiwan. The middle east wants to destroy the USA for their own reasons of which the Government knows what happened there. This administration is all about Climate change however dose nothing about it in the real world. Want to stop it. It’s simple go to the UN and stop cutting down all the trees in the world. Stop making parking lots and roads out of asphalt. Build with concrete and other materials made from recycled plastic. There is enough floating in the ocean to get started.  Plant more trees they are what cools the planet. It doesn’t take a scientist to get to that conclusion. Just walk into the wood on a hot summer day Its cooler. Yes, fade out fossil fuels but on a timeline that fits everyone.  You can expect 7.888 billion people to change overnight. That’s just ridiculous. There are so many ways to fix the things humans have done however everyone just want to be popular and not really cares about the real world.

I would like to make one more point. We spend a lot of cash on the space programs to see if there is life out there..  I’m so confused by this. It seems pointless to be spending this much time and effect on something that would inevitably be the destruction of the world. We as humans can’t have a good relationship with our other human countries let alone an entirely different species from another planet. Until we can all come together as a human race as one without waging WAR on one another this would be a disaster just waiting to happen.  I’m not promoting as one government controlling all.  I’m saying that until all countries can come together and not try to overtake the other there is no reason to look for other life out there. Humans are too greedy and want to control everything..  Hey, humans think they own the planet, right???  That’s a bad way to think.. We are guest on this planet and at any time we could be wiped out and the planet will heal and continue just like it always has..