Why I will vote for trump come this November

OK so it no secret that I will vote for trump come this November. Some of my friends say. “How can you like that man. He is not presidential material.” “He is destroying this country and he is just embarrassing us all around the world.” “You can just unfriend me now because you are part of the cult.” So, I have been unfriended a few times and its ok because they were not my real friends anyway as far as I am concerned. But not one time did anyone want to know why I would vote for Trump. I found that remarkably interesting. They could tell me why he was not fit however they did not want to know why I would join such a cult.  So, I thought I would put it out there for the record.

Why I will vote for Trump
Why I will vote for Trump

As most of you may know I had some health problems about 4 years ago and was in a bad spot. The doctors where not certain that I would ever recover. I had a stroke that affected my speech and my memory among other things. Tasks I could do in minutes now took days for me accomplish. I slept most of the time and was unable to do my job like a normal person. I was living on my savings to pay the bills and had to have round the clock care. Thank god for Barbra and my family or else I think I probably would have died. My funds where starting to get low and things did not seem to be improving much. My mother said it might be time to see if I could get disability to cover bills and such. She made an appoint met for me to meet with the lawyer to file for Social Security Disability.  I met with her and had the doctor’s letters of prognoses to submit.  You would think this is a quick resolve, right? Wrong I was denied on the first go around just because no reason but just because. It seems everyone is denied the first time around. Now I have been self-employed 95% of my life. I have earned everything I own. I have paid in more than most to SS. So, when I got the second denial I was flabbergasted and just gave up. I was told to sell my Harley and My truck. My name was on my sons’ truck as a co singer and I was told to sell it also. If I did that, I cloud last a wile then I could reapply and maybe then I would be approved. It was apparent that I was not going to get any help.

I put one of my business up for sale and luckily. I had a customer that was interested in it. The catch was I had to stay with the company, and I would get a paycheck weekly. I took the deal. I paid my bills up and started to work. He was aware of my problem and was very understanding. 2 hours a day I had to try and focus on my work at fist it was small things and over time it came to be bigger things and longer hours. One day I looked up and things seemed not perfect but normal. I have another friend Adam that also let me tag along and help with Ac work it was hard work and it sucked but it was work. Working with Adam is some of the best times in my life. He paid me more that he should have. I was able to pay my bills and save a little to take Barbra out to dinner occasionally. So, its been 4 years now and things have gotten particularly good for me. I’m able to work most full days now and things are coming back to me slowly some days are a real challenge however most days you would not even know I had a problem. I do not do Ac work anymore the heat in the attic and my knees just could not take it anymore. I miss it though.  I mainly work for Paul now He bought the company from me. As it turns out Adam and Paul are my 2 best friends and I believe I own my life to them. They both let me work when no one else would even look at me.  They both helped me find my way back to a sustainable lifestyle. I know what dose this have to do with trump? Well I am getting to that hold on a minute and I’ll tell you.

I did not know it yet but at the time I was having these problems I had a friend that was also having some problems. He was moving some furniture for a friend and severely injured his back. He went to the doctors and they said he too would be disabled and not be able to return to work. He worked odd jobs cleaning up lots and doing handy man jobs around town. All his jobs where cash and he always did a good job. But now he to needed some assistance. Now I do not know the entire story but the part I do know what sent me through the roof. As it turns out he is from southern Mexico and he crossed over illegally many years ago. So you would think that if that where the case he wouldn’t be able to get any type of help right? Wrong. He was approved not only that. It was the on first time. How can a person that has never paid a dime to SS get funding from it? I ask him that very question he said it simple. “I am a minority here.” Needless to say, We don’t talk much anymore.

So here it is folks the reason I will vote for TRUMP its quite simple. Have you looked a California? I have its beautiful there nice houses, dry air, and wonderful climate. I do not want to live there though. Didn you know California is the closest thing to socialism that there is in this country. Washington state being the next in line. Did you know that California holds half of the USA’s homeless population? Look it up.  Its true. I am not talking just bums getting cock-tailed. I’m talking people with jobs. Go look it up. Its California’s best kept secret. You see what has happened there is what will happen every where in the US if socialism can take over. What the government will do is raise taxes to a height that only the rich can afford. That will cause jobs to start to disappear because taxes are to high and it is too expensive to have employees. The cost of living will also go up thus putting more pressure on the working man that fixes your car or builds your she shed. Companies will close because rent is too high. Apartments will be too expensive because the landlord needs to pay higher property taxes. There will be more regulations to control what you can and cannot do.  A big one for me is your second amend rights in the constitution will be dissolved. You would no longer be able to defend yourself if the need ever were raised. Doesn’t sound so cool and beautiful now dose it??

For me when someone make a statement that they are going to take away something in the bill of rights that bothers me, and it should you also. The bill of rights was written for a reason and it is not something to take lightly. Have you heard of The Patriot Act? You can look it up if you want. I will give the short of it. It basically says any government agency can spy on any US citizen for any reason without a warrant. How you like them apples? Thanks to Mr. Brock Obama and Mr. Bidon. So, think about this the next time you are sitting in your house and having a conversation with you partner or doing something else. Someone could be listening. Your cell phone could be tapped for any reason maybe just for entertainment. The point is it can be done and now its legal. Do you want someone to be listing to everything you do…? I did not think so.

As if that were not bad enough. Did you know now you can be detained indefinitely? Yup!! Its true you can be detained for the rest of your life if needed. Never be charged with a crime. Simply because they can. How do you like that one? You due process has been removed. That is your good old pal Mr. Obama and Mr. Bidon hard at work.

Look I can go on and on about how the blue side has tried to dismantle the USA over the years. I think you have got my point. If not, I am sorry you just do not get it. I hope we can still be friends.

I cannot say I really like trump as a person. He sometimes seems a little unhinged and pops of at the mouth a little bit occasionally. But hey we all do that. I have some friends I can only stand when I am cock tailed, but they are still my friends. He seems kind of funny from what I’ve seen on live castings while watching YouTube. The constant tweeting can be annoying at times but on the plus side you never have to guess what hes thinking.

The thing is that we all do these things from time to time and the Dems are right. He is not a politician by any means. He does not talk like one and he does not walk like one. He does not play ball with other politicians. That is why they hate him so much. He will not lay down and play ball. That is what got him into office in the first place.

Trump is a businessman. He is running this country like a business. He has taken care of the veteran’s, given 35 MIL to the sex trafficking aid, He has got it so that jobs and manufacturing are coming back to the US. He has opened the doors that have been closed for years. You can look this all up. The funny thing is that trump has done more for the people in 3 years that Mr. Biden has in his entire carrier.

Let me ask you this. Do you like your boss? Most would say NO.  My question to you is why are you working for him or her then?    I’ll wait ………. You like to have things and pay bills and have fun, right? The point here is this. You do not have to like the man in charge to get what you want. but if the wrong man is in charge you may not get anything you want.

  1. I like the wall for the reasons Iv explained.
  2. I like the tariffs. It is time we collect some of the money back the blue keeps giving away.
  3. I like a strong military and that the veterans are taken care of.
  4. I like to keep my weapons and know how use them for safety.
  5. I like the fact that wile congress fights over stupid shit Trump took the steps to get the people the money that so desperately need.
  6. I like the fact that factories are coming back to the US to crate jobs.
  7. I like the fact the China can no longer steal our intellectual property and get away with it.
  8. The one I like the best is that he will not allow socialism can take over.